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OpenMesh::PropertyT< std::string > Class Template Reference

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Public Types

typedef std::string Value
typedef std::vector< std::string > vector_type
typedef std::string value_type
typedef vector_type::reference reference

Public Member Functions

 PropertyT (const std::string &_name="<unknown>")
virtual void reserve (size_t _n)
 Reserve memory for n elements.
virtual void resize (size_t _n)
 Resize storage to hold n elements.
virtual void clear ()
 Clear all elements and free memory.
virtual void push_back ()
 Extend the number of elements by one.
virtual void swap (size_t _i0, size_t _i1)
 Let two elements swap their storage place.
virtual void set_persistent (bool _yn)
 Enable or disable persistency.
virtual size_t n_elements () const
 Number of elements in property.
virtual size_t element_size () const
 Size of one element in bytes or UnknownSize if not known.
virtual size_t size_of () const
 Return size of property in bytes.
virtual size_t size_of (size_t) const
 Estimated size of property if it has _n_elem elements.
size_t store (std::ostream &_ostr, bool _swap) const
 Store self as one binary block. Max. length of a string is 65535 bytes.
size_t restore (std::istream &_istr, bool _swap)
 Restore self from a binary block.
const value_type * data () const
reference operator[] (int _idx)
 Access the i'th element. No range check is performed!
const_reference operator[] (int _idx) const
 Const access the i'th element. No range check is performed!
PropertyT< value_type > * clone () const
 Return a deep copy of self.

class OpenMesh::PropertyT< std::string >

Member Function Documentation

size_t OpenMesh::PropertyT< std::string >::restore ( std::istream &  _istr,
bool  _swap 
) [inline, virtual]

Restore self from a binary block.

Uses reserve() to set the size of self before restoring.

Implements OpenMesh::BaseProperty.

virtual void OpenMesh::PropertyT< std::string >::set_persistent ( bool  _yn  )  [inline, virtual]

Enable or disable persistency.

Self must be a named property to enable persistency.

Implements OpenMesh::BaseProperty.

virtual size_t OpenMesh::PropertyT< std::string >::size_of ( size_t  _n_elem  )  const [inline, virtual]

Estimated size of property if it has _n_elem elements.

The member returns UnknownSize if the size cannot be estimated.

Reimplemented from OpenMesh::BaseProperty.

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